Grace is a Client Coordinator at Foster Group. She is responsible for scheduling client and internal meetings, phone conferences, and travel arrangements for Foster Group advisors. Additionally, Grace welcomes arriving clients, accepts phone calls, and assists in various administrative tasks.

She is a University of Northern Iowa graduate. She has experience in community, family, and client services and is excited to use her background to serve our Foster Group clients.


One of my favorite things to do in life is listen. Much of what I know and believe I credit to the lives other people lead and the opportunities I have had to listen, lean in, and witness their stories. Experience is a powerful thing, and it has been my honor to be around a wide variety of people, all with different experiences who have reinforced my belief that every person has inherent value and purpose. It is my desire to serve and care for others in a way that reflects how God cares for and loves them. I continually learn how to do this better.

I am also incredibly grateful for my family and the values they’ve taught me. From my dad, I have learned how to genuinely care for people. Meaning what you say and saying what you mean is one of the easiest, most impactful ways to care for someone. From my mom, I have learned how kindness has the ability to change someone’s day. From my brothers, I have learned life is easier to live when you are honest, intentional, and a little goofy.

In addition to listening and feeling blessed by my family, I love being outside. Any sort of sunshine or time spent outdoors automatically makes the day ten times better. When it comes to the little things, I am a big fan of genuine conversation, a hot cup of coffee, and a good book or movie. I’m always looking for recommendations for all of them.


B.A in Family Services, minor in Mental Health and Social Welfare from University of Northern Iowa. She also attained a certificate in Conflict Resolution.