Who We Are

Foster Group financial advisors are a resource of comprehensive financial and investment expertise.

Who We Are

Foster Group financial advisors are a resource of comprehensive financial and investment expertise.

Being here when you need us. That’s what being Truly Cared For® is all about.

Through more than 30 years of change and uncertainty, Foster Group clients have appreciated our dedication to helping them achieve lives of personal and financial fulfillment – to helping them feel Truly Cared For®. It’s a dedication you may appreciate, too. From the beginning, it has defined who we are.

Foster Group financial advisors are a resource of comprehensive financial and investment expertise. We are approachable and clear-spoken. We deliver a proven, time-tested approach – centered on your unique needs, goals, and aspirations – that may help you realize better outcomes. We strive to help you feel confident and assured of the impact you’re making for your future and the future of those who rely on you.

Finding a financial advisor who puts your needs and unique considerations first should be a given, but not all investment companies are held to the same standards. As a fiduciary financial advisor, Foster Group holds ourselves to the highest standards of conduct and trust. We accept no commissions and are always focused on your best interests.

Working with a Foster Group financial advisor near you may help you bring clarity to your own unique vision of financial fulfillment, maybe even expand on what you think is possible. Through the years, our relationship will grow and evolve. As new needs and opportunities appear, we will rise to help you meet them.

Zero Alpha Group Member

Foster Group is one of a handful of financial advisory firms across America affiliated with Zero Alpha Group, a network of fiduciary investment companies. Working together with like-minded fiduciary investment advisors helps us continually improve our technical expertise, enhance client service, and develop more cost-effective, customized offerings for clients.

Get to know our team of fiduciary financial advisors.


The word “fiduciary” comes from the Latin “fiducia,” meaning “trust.” It refers to an individual or an entity with the power and obligation to act for a beneficiary under circumstances requiring total trust, good faith, and honesty. Characteristically, the fiduciary has greater knowledge and expertise about the matters being handled than does the beneficiary. A fiduciary is legally held to the highest standards of conduct and trust. Foster Group is an SEC-regulated fiduciary. Read more about Foster Group’s fiduciary commitment.

Since 1989, the team at Foster Group has been committed to helping you feel Truly Cared For®. Spanning our ownership over 3 generations of employees to help ensure relationship continuity is just the start. Being an SEC-regulated fiduciary and our belief in fee-only compensation structures with our clients also ensures that we put your best interests first.

We believe in clients having full-access to the collective abilities of all our team members, rather than being served by just a single advisor. And, perhaps most importantly, we are committed to going beyond the portfolio, to understand the hearts and purposes of our clients.

We display our values-driven approach not just in what we say, but in how we serve our clients, our communities, and our fellow team members. By advancing our advice with science and getting the right people in the right positions, we are in constant pursuit of a better client experience.

You can expect a no pressure, laid back conversation. If you have a perception of what it might be like to have a conversation with a financial advisor, and it’s not positive, we would hope to dispel that perception. You should expect to be heard and understood.  Your Introductory conversation will be with a CFP® credentialed professional with several years of experience. Ultimately, the purpose of this first conversation is to help you determine if Foster Group feels right for you. At the conclusion of the conversation, we will mutually decide if you’d like to proceed to the second meeting, which we call the Proposal conversation.