Who we are—and what makes us who we are.

We want to be known as a company with a unique approach—one that stands out from the crowd by virtue of our client relationships, our personalized strategies, and a solid academic foundation that leads to real-world solutions and a lifetime of successful client experiences.

Everyone at Foster Group shares the responsibility for making this happen, and the result has been fewer concerns, fewer mistakes, deeper understanding, and, most important, clients who reach their financial goals.

Guiding Principles

Our vision and mission statements are more than words. They’re true examples of principles in action: principles that guide and inform our culture, values, and work ethic.

Our People

These are the men and women we’re proud to present as the face of our company. The strength of Foster Group is built on the relationships they forge with our clients, and we think you’ll enjoy getting to know them.

Investment Approach

Markets work—and in this section we’ll explain why that’s the centerpiece of our investment philosophy. Making the most of your money isn’t a matter of guesswork or trying to beat the system—it’s about paying attention to solid academic research.


Foster Group was founded in 1989 by Jerry Foster, whose principles and philosophy became the foundation of the company. In this section, we’ll show you how helping clients leads to company growth.


We’re not surprised when talented associates like ours achieve both personal and professional recognition. In this section, we’ll give you a closer look at some of our most rewarding accomplishments.

Community Involvement

The people of Foster Group understand the value of serving their communities. It’s that same spirit of selflessness and doing the right thing that make them so good at serving clients.


We have been serving individuals in the medical community since 1989. Foster Group has provided investment management, advanced financial planning, and retirement consulting services to numerous medical organizations members. We are a leading advisory firm to healthcare professionals with nearly 50 percent of the over $2.3 billion in assets managed by our firm coming from relationships with healthcare professionals.*

*As of 1.01.20