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Foster Group’s investment management approach is both evidence-based and client-focused.

Investment Management Services

Foster Group’s investment management approach is both evidence-based and client-focused.

Investment Management Services at Foster Group

An Experienced, Research-Based Approach to Wealth & Investment Management

Most people would never settle for medical advice unsupported by evidence and historical success. Yet when it comes to financial well-being (and the ability to fund the future they dream of), investors often settle for advice based on instinct or whim from advisors who are simply chasing the highs and lows of the markets. To us, that approach sounds like the very definition of risk.

As fiduciary financial advisors, the Foster Group wealth and investment management approach is both evidence-based and client-focused. We trust the process and look to the long-term. We value evidence over emotion in times of market volatility. And we build customized portfolios to meet each client’s needs – prioritizing risk management, required return, reliable cash flows, and high potential for success. Every decision is made with the utmost precision, based on client needs and historically proven approaches to success.

How We Can Serve You

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Our Four-Step Process Is Based Around History, Evidence, & Investment Performance

Unlike traditional Wall Street advisors, Foster Group has created a four-step, evidence-based investment management process supported by decades of research into how capital markets work – including asset pricing, portfolio structure, sources of expected return, and more.

Building our approach on science instead of emotion has deepened our understanding of how to achieve successful client outcomes. While our fiduciary investment advisors stay on top of the latest research to refine their guidance, our disciplined four-step process is the foundation of our asset and investment management services.

Eliminate the Wall Street noise​
We can’t predict fluctuating market trends (and won’t pretend to). But we can provide the evidence you need to trust in your investments.
Reorient the conversation ​
We focus on identifying what’s best for your individual needs. For example, how much income will you need in retirement? What asset allocation is most appropriate for you?
Apply academically proven evidence
Our goal is to achieve the highest expected long-term returns at a risk level and cost you’re comfortable with. We apply our evidence and principles to the construction of your portfolio.
Commit to your lasting success​
We continually manage your portfolio and monitor its efficiency. We never lose sight of your financial future. We work to fulfill our promise of Your Financial Life, Truly Cared For®.
Investment Management Goals

Conscientious Asset & Investment Management: Achieving the Full Range of Client Goals

At Foster Group, we know there’s more to successful investment experiences than the isolated statistical measures of risk and return. Our future-minded focus is centered on each client’s objectives, so it’s never just numbers we’re aiming for. We’ve successfully guided clients through the ups and downs of financial markets for more than three decades. And along the way, we’ve identified five key investment principles that can help our clients realize personally satisfying investment outcomes.

Five Key Investment Principles

We believe in personalizing portfolios to each client’s individual needs and goals. Our expert fiduciary investment advisors combine years of experience in listening to, understanding, and truly caring for thousands of investors. Using the latest technology, we create plans and strategies customized to specific client purposes, circumstances, and preferences. These in-depth, purpose-oriented plans enable us to design and deliver unique investment experiences.

Foster Group believes that investors who embrace uncertainty, rather than resist or ignore it, will have more realistic expectations regarding the potential risks and returns of their investments. Embracing uncertainty enables a better investment experience over each unique time horizon despite the inevitable surprises along the way.

For any structure or endeavor to stand the test of time, a robust foundation is required. In our asset and investment management work for clients, that foundation is the ongoing work of the academic community.

  • Expanded use of “factors” in creating portfolio allocations
  • Employing Behavioral Finance to improve investor experiences
  • Making the Asset / Liability connection for individuals and institutions
  • Utilizing Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) informed investments, where appropriate

It’s always popular to talk about “beating the market” as though the market is something to compete against. Foster Group views broad investment markets as allies in pursuing better investment experiences. We construct portfolios using the broad market as the foundation.

Through the years, academic and industry researchers have identified a variety of investment strategies and tactics that are destined to disappoint investors. Many of these strategies begin with the questionable premise that markets and investments are predictable if you know what to look for and are ready to take quick and decisive action. We avoid this way of thinking.

Foster Group investment and wealth management advisors are devoted to meeting investor goals and growing the potential for success. Keeping these priorities in clear view helps us avoid the predictable mistakes that often result from Wall Street marketing or emotion-laden financial news and commentary. With evidence-based academia forming our strong foundation, there’s no need to shift focus.

Our Strong Academic Foundation Supports Our Role as a Fiduciary Investment Company

It enables all of our work to be evidence-based and in the client’s best interests. While we recognize the inherent risks of the markets, we never capitalize on fear to drive impulse decisions. Our experience and well-established academic foundation empower us to remain steady and calm, even during tumultuous times. As a result, we can help you persevere in your long-term pursuit of financial sustainability.

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