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At Foster Group, we understand how it feels to care deeply about your organization, its goals, and its mission.

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At Foster Group, we understand how it feels to care deeply about your organization, its goals, and its mission.

Endowments & Foundations at Foster Group

Fiduciary Institutional Services for Endowments & Foundations

Our experience and fiduciary credentials empower us to help you achieve greater positive impact on the lives of those you serve, the issues you believe in, and the communities we call home. We have long served the financial needs of charitable organizations and their leaders. 

Our goal is to help you, your organization, and your people feel Truly Cared For®.

How We Can Serve You

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Each of the organizations we serve has its own unique combination of needs, goals, values, and hopes. So it’s a given that our disciplined process must begin with listening and understanding. As part of this process, we will:
  • Review your goals, objectives, and constraints
  • Develop or refine your Investment Policy Statement, risk budget, and professional standards
  • Assess your organization’s overall financial health and governance structure
  • Perform cashflow review, analysis and planning
  • Evaluate your spending policy
  • Review potential best- and worst-case scenarios
  • Coordinate with your other professional advisors
Working together, our purpose is to build a plan that helps create financial confidence and peace of mind.
The Foster Group investment process for foundations and endowments is built around the Global Fiduciary Standards of Excellence and guidelines developed as part of the Uniform Prudent Management of Institutional Funds Act. It also reflects our mission to deliver wise financial counsel, as well as our guiding principles of character, competence, and care. Investment guidance is based on criteria developed through the planning process. It includes:
  • Aligning the portfolio with your goals and objectives – including environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors
  • Evaluating economic conditions, expected returns, and the probability of meeting objectives
  • Determine asset allocation, consistent with risk-return objectives and constraints
  • Pursuing cost-efficient investment strategies
  • Conducting investment manager due diligence and selection
  • Helping mitigate taxes for taxable entities
  • Incorporating cash management solutions
Foster Group investment consulting for foundations and endowments is a dynamic process that evolves with the needs of the organization and changes in economic conditions and markets. The process is disciplined, evidence-based, repeatable, and designed to satisfy fiduciary responsibilities by helping ensure that objectives are met and processes are followed. It includes:
  • Reporting portfolio performance
  • Reviewing investment performance against benchmarks
  • Periodically reviewing all investment-related expenses
  • Assessing progress toward goals and objectives outlined in the Investment Policy Statement
  • Monitoring expenses

As an ongoing part of your Foster Group relationship, you can expect to receive regular fiduciary advice and investment education through both in-person and virtual meetings. We will also provide education sessions for new board and committee members.

Working with Foster Group will help give you confidence that you’re making the best decisions for your organization. You’ll receive support from experienced, specialist advisors who are easy to work with and accessible. We apply proven processes to help you achieve your performance goals. And we will grow and evolve with you. As your needs change, we will rise to meet them.

Get Comprehensive Institutional Services for Endowments & Foundations.

Foster Group fiduciary financial advisors are trusted experts who can help you accomplish your organization’s financial goals, so you can achieve your mission and make a greater impact on the people and communities you serve.

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