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Custom designed with a dedicated financial advisor and service team to manage all aspects of your financial life, SelectWealth can help you achieve the life and legacy you want.


Custom designed with a dedicated financial advisor and service team to manage all aspects of your financial life, SelectWealth can help you achieve the life and legacy you want.

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Select Services for Ultra-High Net Worth Clients and Their Families

If you’re responsible for stewarding $10 million, $50 million, $100 million, or more, you may be finding it difficult to secure the sophisticated support you need to advance your family’s vision, solve complex problems, sustain generational wealth, or fulfill your legacy. That’s why you’ll appreciate the advantages of working with Foster Group. We are focused on serving the select needs of you and your family. And our long experience in working with ultra-high net worth clients means we’re uniquely equipped to help you.

At Foster Group, we recognize that no single advisor can ever have all the answers. That’s why we match a unique, handpicked, multidisciplinary team of financial and investment experts to each ultra-high net worth client and their family. It’s an approach that not only provides a deep, personalized connection, but also helps ensure relationship continuity for you and your heirs. We understand the importance of generational wealth. And we work to ensure that your legacy is a blessing, not a burden, to your family. We’re accessible. We communicate clearly and concisely. As fiduciaries, we’re independent from external influences. And as your financial “right hand,” we can give you back the one commodity most difficult to achieve – time.

How We Can Serve You

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For more than 30 years, our most fundamental mission has been to deliver wise financial counsel. So naturally, we provide highly personalized and comprehensive financial planning services for all our clients – from cashflow, tax, education, and retirement planning to guidance for your business. But we also provide additional, more sophisticated services tied to the needs and expectations of our ultra-high net worth clients.

For example, beyond reporting on your Foster Group-advised investment portfolio, we can provide consolidated reporting on all your outside holdings, too. Seeing “the whole picture” can provide you with greater transparency and help facilitate better-informed decisions.

To support legacy planning, as well as long-term multi-generational growth and continuity, we can work with your family to build shared agreement and understanding around your core values, vision, and mission. We can also partner with outside providers to help facilitate bill payment services to help free you from monthly “nuts and bolts” financial responsibilities. All these plus services are built on time-tested processes and experience – and delivered with integrity and accountability.

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Beyond our experienced, research-based approach to wealth and investment management, asset allocation, tax mitigation, and portfolio oversight, we provide specialized, elite-level services for our ultra-high net worth clients.

As fiduciaries, our guidance is always free from outside influences and focused on helping you and your family steward your wealth and resources for generations to come. We can consult with you and your family to develop a Family Investment Policy Statement, so everyone can understand and follow how investments are selected, monitored, and managed. In addition, we are often asked to develop and deliver financial education to family members, helping them sustain and grow their wealth, as well as the legacy and good works it supports.

Based on your objectives, we can also sub-divide your Foster Group portfolio into separately managed accounts to achieve any highly customized outcomes you may have. And our multidisciplinary team of expert fiduciary advisors can provide consulting and due diligence regarding investment opportunities outside your Foster Group portfolio.

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Our ultra-high net worth clients and their families often come to us with significant risk profiles and exposures. As a result, we’re frequently called upon to consult in the creation of strategic insurance solutions – including life, property & casualty, specialty protections, and self-insurance. While we don’t sell insurance products, we have extensive experience in developing sophisticated insurance and protection strategies for our clients. And when it comes to executing these strategies, we can help make sure you have the right people in the room.

You may have homes in multiple states (or countries). You’re likely to have significant assets in your portfolio. You’re prominent and visible in your community and, perhaps, an attractive target for cybercriminals. We take stock of your current situation and exposures. We identify gaps and vulnerabilities. Then we identify solutions and partners for mitigating them.

Cybersecurity is also a key concern – one that extends even to your children and grandchildren. Through a family privacy audit, we can help review and optimize everyone’s devices, smart home networks, social media accounts, security, and sharing settings. We can recommend an appropriate identity theft strategy. And we can educate everyone on how to safely use and enjoy technology.

Because we work with many ultra-high net worth clients, we can meet you where you’re at, accurately assess your needs, then help protect your future – for generations to come.

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Naturally, we have significant expertise in guiding the estate planning and charitable giving strategies of our ultra-high net worth clients and their families – usually in partnership with their attorneys and other trusted advisors. But beyond the structure and mechanics of legacy planning, we also devote considerable effort to helping our clients sustain and grow their family culture and shared values.

Many wealthy clients are concerned that their children and grandchildren (because of their healthy trust balances) won’t be motivated to make their own way and be productive members of society. That’s why many families have asked us to create formal education and governance plans – to engage younger family members and help prepare them for their own successful journeys. Through books, family websites, videos, online repositories, even artifacts, we can help you tell the stories that bring context, purpose, and cultural continuity to future generations.

In short, we help assure that your legacy lives on.
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Foster Group is an independent, fee-only fiduciary. That means we don’t charge commissions. We only make decisions based on your best interests. Discover the difference of working with financial advisors who are credentialed, experienced in serving the needs of ultra-high net worth clients, and truly focused on your best interests – with no commissions or conflicts of interest.

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