When working alongside individuals and families, Foster Group starts with two foundational ideas:

  1. Relationships matter
  2. Markets work

Relationships Matter

Individuals and families have very personal goals, expectations, preferences, and circumstances. Only in the context of relationship can these vitally important characteristics be discovered, understood and incorporated into a holistic plan. Foster Group’s commitment to long-term relationships starts with our very first discovery meeting, an in-depth personal conversation designed to draw out the key values, goals, critical relationships and personal preferences that will make any subsequent strategy recommendations a natural fit.

Capital Markets Work

Day in and day out, all around the globe, capital markets are powerfully at work. The big question is whether those markets are working as allies or an adversaries. Foster Group’s investment management process is dedicated to forging a long-term alliance between clients and capital markets as the way to most effectively reach their financial goals.

In addition to investment management, our financial advisors are committed to an advanced financial planning process that creates and delivers strategies tailored to each client. Advanced financial planning addresses what we have heard from individuals to be their key concerns.

  1. Preserving and protecting accumulated wealth
  2. Mitigating adverse tax consequences
  3. Creating sustainable lifetime cash flows
  4. Providing for the transfer of wealth including provisions for family and heirs
  5. Accomplishing charitable and personal mission-based priorities

By focusing on strong relationships, evidence-based investment management, and advanced financial planning, Foster Group’s financial advisors deliver financial solutions to individuals that are understandable, reduce complexity, and increase the probability of success, in the unique way you define it.