Business Owners & Executives

Since 1989, Foster Group has served the highly specialized wealth management, retirement, and financial planning needs of business owners, executives, and their families.

Business Owners & Executives

Since 1989, Foster Group has served the highly specialized wealth management, retirement, and financial planning needs of business owners, executives, and their families.

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Experienced Financial Planning for Business Owners & Executives

We understand and are experienced with the financial concerns, opportunities, and decisions you may be facing. And our expert team works to provide the thoughtful answers and research-based guidance you may be looking for.

You’ll appreciate that, as fiduciaries, Foster Group financial advisors for business owners and executives accept no commissions and are focused only on your best interests. Were local and accessible. We communicate clearly and concisely. And we can provide guidance and support tailored to your personal needs and objectives throughout your career journey and retirement.

Hundreds of Business Owners and Executives Are Truly Cared For® by Foster Group.

Chances are, you have a trusted friend or colleague who already works with us.

Foster Group has served the financial needs of hundreds of business leaders, like yourself, in Iowa, Nebraska, and across the United States. Our financial planners for business owners and executives provide time-tested, evidence-based guidance and support – no matter where you are on your career journey.

We work, first, to help you identify and accomplish your goals – to bring your own unique vision to reality, to perhaps expand upon what you think is possible. In so doing, we help you achieve peace of mind – a feeling of freedom and confidence that you’re doing the right things for yourself and the people you love.

Business Owners & Executives
Change is perhaps the only constant in today’s business environment, and you may be thinking about change, yourself. About retirement. Do you ever wonder if you’re ready, financially – and emotionally? Do you have a plan for what’s next? Are you dreaming about travel, a new business, charities, or volunteering? Are you thinking about your family and future generations? Do you know how you’ll translate your savings into income? And security?

These are natural questions. Ones that we have helped many business owners and executives address through the years. We know that it’s not so much about what you’re retiring from. It’s about what you’re retiring to. And no two retirements are exactly alike.

That’s why your expert Foster Group advisory team for business owners and executives will work closely with you and your family. We’ve created a time-tested process that helps us understand and support your personal goals, challenges, and opportunities. We help think of what you haven’t – and help ensure you’re creating a plan and portfolio that can produce the best life and legacy for yourself and those you love. So, we bring fresh wealth management ideas to the table and curate evidence-based planning and investment options. All with your best interests in mind.

Clients often ask us to consult with their attorneys, CPAs, trust officers, and other advisors to assist with various evolving aspects of their financial life. Also, we can organize family meetings and educational events to help secure your future, as well as the future of your heirs and beneficiaries. And if needed, we can help deliver experienced business succession planning services.

For many business owners and executives, retirement means more than simply translating savings and investments into income. It’s about resetting your lifestyle and moving on to what’s next. It’s about creating a legacy for your family, supporting the causes you believe in, and realizing the rewards of a lifetime of work, planning, and resolve.

Foster Group’s financial planning and wealth management advisors for business owners and executives can be the trusted experts who help you translate uncertainty and possibility into a clear plan. And an exciting future!
As a business owner or executive, you already know the importance of building a strong team – a team with the knowledge, capabilities, and camaraderie you need to grow your successful business. The same holds true for financial advisors. The Foster Group team is comprised of specialists who are experts in a variety of financial disciplines. We work together to holistically serve and advance your financial needs and opportunities.

Our evidence-based approach to financial guidance is built on more than 30 years of experience in serving business owners and executives. And as fiduciary financial advisors, we always work with your best interests at heart. There are never any hidden fees or additional costs.

Our deep understanding of your needs and goals enables us to proactively bring you fresh ideas and curate customized options. Our wealth management and financial planners for executives and business owners often think of what you haven’t.  We challenge and encourage you throughout your financial journey – from eliminating debt to structuring cash flow and savings, planning for education and retirement, and exploring charitable giving.

Working with Foster Group means you don’t have to spend your valuable time on financial research and execution. You can spend as much or as little time as you like, relax a little, and enjoy the journey.

Over the years, we’ll be here when you need us – helping you build and manage the complexity of your financial life. We’ll grow and evolve with you. And together, we’ll help you achieve your personal definition of financial well-being.
Early in your career, there are so many moving pieces that it can be difficult to even think about the future, let alone plan for it. But you don’t have to feel like you’re alone. That’s why a relationship with Foster Group’s financial planners for business owners and executives can be so beneficial. Right now.

Our expert team understands where you are in your career journey. We deliver clear, competent advice that will help give you confidence you’re doing the right thing for yourself and those you care about. Think of us as a reassuring guide. We may challenge you to expand what you think is possible – but always in an encouraging manner.

You’ll appreciate that Foster Group’s fiduciary financial advisors are local, approachable, and here when you need us. We never accept commissions and are always focused solely on your best interests. And you can depend on our evidence-based guidance for paying back student loans, applying investment and wealth management strategies, developing insurance and financial protection strategies, optimizing taxes, planning for college, planning for retirement (yes, even now!), and more.

Visit with us about creating a foundation of financial wellness as you begin your career. And together, we’ll build a lifelong partnership focused on both your personal and financial success.

Financial Advisors for Business Owners & Executives

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Business Owners & Executives


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