Generosity is part of Foster Group’s DNA. It’s in our mission and vision and it’s in our conversations with clients. An objective of Foster Group is to “encourage and reward volunteerism at non-profits and promote charitable giving among Foster Group employees and clients.”

As a firm, we want to meet this objective through friendly competition, so Foster Group’s Charitable Giving Team has developed VIEW – Volunteering Impacts Everyone’s World to do just that. Foster Group employees have been divided into six teams. Each team will choose a primary charity to focus their aggregate efforts on. Foster Group will reward progress, relay monthly standings, and track hours so we can ‘spur one another on toward love and good deeds’!

If you would like to volunteer alongside any of these teams, we would love to have you! In fact, teams earn more points if they include others from outside the Foster Group Organization. Please email if you are interested in joining a team!

2016 Total Volunteer Hours 


Team Members and Primary Charities

Woo-MAX: Mark StadtlanderSheila KamerickPaul WomacksKent KramerBart BanwartMatt AbelsHaley Huhn, Laura Giles

  • Primary Charity: West Des Moines Human Services

Building Dreams: Pam Culp, Andy Rushenberg, Martha GribblePhil KruzanBrooke Den HartogJoshua BomettMarshall Henry

Little Impacts: Missy GrayReed Rinderknecht, Kate JuelfsHannah EildertsBrent CarlsonKay StearnsGarrett Jackson

Beast Jr.: Jordan Richardson, Tim MabeeRoss PolkingEmily AppelgateSeth ComfortAndrew FarmerBuck Olsen, Laura Nilius

Diversified Mascots: Joe BantzScott SnyderTravis RychnovskyBrittany HeardMarcus Iwig, Chandelle Davidson, Kyra Stadtlander, Shea Mears

Giving Hope: Caleb BrownJanet HircockEd GreenJon EvansKatie LauerBrad RempeJerry Foster, Jason Brown