Foster Group’s commitment to quality relationships begins with our relationship to you. Foster Group advisors assume the role and responsibility of fiduciary to you and your family, meaning that our only loyalty is to you. As your fiduciary, we are obligated to recommend and do only what is in your best interest. Because of this commitment, Foster Group chooses to receive no outside compensation. Our relationship is exclusively with, and for the benefit of, our clients alone.

Raising the probability of your success will likely involve engaging the services of other experts and professionals. How much better would it be if these experts truly worked together as team on your behalf? Because you are already busy professionally and personally, Foster Group steps into the role similar to that of a master translator, which includes managing the communication with, and coordinating the work of, your professional team. Over time, this team will likely include a CPA or tax professional, insurance specialists, personal and estate planning attorneys, and benefits officers at places of work, as well as others.

Foster Group does not seek to replace any of your important professional relationships, but we do take responsibility to communicate with each of them, making sure they are all working in a coordinated manner on your behalf. For those clients who don’t have a current professional to fill an important role, Foster Group can arrange introductions to a variety of individuals and firms who could be helpful to you. Of course, Foster Group will have no financial arrangements with any of these professionals as an assurance to you that we are recommending experts we believe in, without conflicts of interest.