Zero Alpha Group (ZAG) is a national network of wealth management firms committed to applying the best financial thinking to serve clients in a fiduciary capacity.

The firms are fiercely independent and entrepreneurial, yet share a common bond in their investment philosophy, wealth management approach, and client focus. All members are committed to providing objective, long-term private wealth management solutions, which include customized investment strategies guided by Modern Portfolio Theory and informed by the latest academic research.

ZAG functions primarily as a business resource and professional support network for these firms. The network’s collective buying power renders access to institutional investments and services, helping member firms offer solutions that are objective, cost-effective, and customized. ZAG also provides a venue for members to gain advanced professional education, exchange business ideas, and explore new financial solutions. This close affiliation also encourages professional accountability as members challenge one another to attain higher levels of client service and technical expertise. The eight ZAG firms independently manage over $20 billion in total client assets.