We will influence thousands of individuals, families, and organizations with wise financial counsel, while encouraging the pursuit of meaningful living and generous giving.

Letter from Jerry Foster,
Founder/Chairman of the Board

October 2014

Twenty-five years…who would have thought? When I started the company in 1989, my only thought at the time was to keep moving forward, one step at a time, serving clients with a passion to somehow make a difference in their lives. Now, here we are in 2014, serving nearly 1,000 clients and managing over $1.5 billion with the professional expertise of nearly 40 employees. I know, over the years, I have taken many opportunities to thank you, our clients for trusting us and giving us the opportunity to serve you. 2014 has been a year of celebration for many years of hard work. It has been a celebration of many relationships that have evolved and deepened. It has been a celebration of influence extending beyond anything any of us here at Foster Group ever imagined.

With the wind at our backs, we look to the future with enthusiasm and a new vision that, hopefully, positions us to have even more impact beyond anything we, or you, our clients, ever imagined. “We will influence thousands of individuals, families, and organizations with wise financial counsel, while encouraging the pursuit of meaningful living and generous giving.”

As catalysts, we want to be involved with our clients talking about meaningful living. Meaningful living is purely subjective and can only be determined by you. Our goal is to facilitate conversations around that topic and try to establish a plan for you to achieve it. If successful, we will then be in a confident position to continue conversations together around the issue of generous giving. Once again, generous giving is purely subjective and must be defined by you. We just want to help facilitate the conversation.
I think one of the most rewarding aspects of building this company has been watching so many of our clients giving back in so many different ways. It is inspiring. We have clients providing many services throughout the world including: orphan care, various medical services, clean water development, construction, human services, leadership training, business development, micro-loans, and farming education. These services are being offered Haiti, Tanzania, Palestine, India, Vietnam, many countries in South America, Belgium, Guatemala, and Mexico, just to name a few. In addition to these international efforts, we have countless clients funding various initiatives in our respective communities.
As a team, we have advised some of you on these issues, but more importantly, we have watched you. We have learned from you, and we have taken those lessons and shaped our own culture and vision.

The painting below, is one I recently painted as my twenty-fifth anniversary gift to the company. It will hang in our office as a reminder of our vision. This is a little boy in a very poor village in Guatemala whom I met a few years ago. In fact, that is my hand reaching out to him while he looks on with hopeful eyes.

When I think about the opportunity we all have to reach out in some capacity, this painting and the hand reaching out represents that opportunity. It represents the inner need we all have to reach out and help SOMEONE or to change SOMETHING. It represents the many ways we will each decide to live a life of meaning and purpose. It represents the many ways that we will practice generosity. It has been an exciting twenty-five years helping one another in so many ways. I look forward to the next quarter-century as we reach out together to change the world around us.

Our Vision