What would you like to know about us?

Here are a handful of questions we hear most often.


How much does it cost to work with Foster Group?

As a fee-only investment management firm, we act as our clients’ fiduciary. This means we are obligated to act in your best interest and not put our interest ahead of yours. Our pricing is typically based on a percentage of your assets under our management. We also have pricing arrangements with clients that are based on customized client services. We do not receive compensation from third parties through commissions-based sales of their financial products. The only revenue we receive is from our clients. For more information, view our Pricing Schedules. You can also view more details about our pricing in our Customer Relationship Summary.

Is there a minimum for working with Foster Group?

Foster Group has a minimum quarterly price of $300 for our CoreWealth service offering and $1,250 for SignatureWealth. For more information about our pricing, view our Pricing Schedules.

What’s the difference between “fee-based”, “commission-based”, and “fee-only” advisors?

A fee-based financial advisor may receive compensation from the client but also charge fees based on AUM, bill an hourly or flat rate, and earn commission for sales of their financial products. Commission-based advisors receive commission based on the sale of financial products to clients. Both fee-based and commission-based advisors adhere to a lower legal standard, which simply requires them to sell products and make recommendations that are “suitable” for their clients.

A fee-only financial advisor receives compensation directly from the client based on a percentage of their assets under management (AUM), an hourly rate, a flat rate, or retainer. Fee-only financial advisors do not get compensated by third parties through commissions based on sales of their financial products. Fee-only financial advisors act as their clients’ fiduciary, meaning they are obligated to put the client’s interests first. Foster Group has been a fee-only registered investment advisor since 1992.

Who We Are

What is a fiduciary and why is it important?

The word “fiduciary” comes from the Latin “fiducia,” meaning “trust.” It refers to an individual or an entity with the power and obligation to act for a beneficiary under circumstances requiring total trust, good faith, and honesty. Characteristically, the fiduciary has greater knowledge and expertise about the matters being handled than does the beneficiary. A fiduciary is legally held to the highest standards of conduct and trust. Foster Group is an SEC-regulated fiduciary. Read more about Foster Group’s fiduciary commitment.

What distinguishes Foster Group from other financial advisors?

Since 1989, the team at Foster Group has been committed to helping you feel Truly Cared For®. Spanning our ownership over 3 generations of employees to help ensure relationship continuity is just the start. Being an SEC-regulated fiduciary and our belief in fee-only compensation structures with our clients also ensures that we put your best interests first.

We believe in clients having full-access to the collective abilities of all our team members, rather than being served by just a single advisor. And, perhaps most importantly, we are committed to going beyond the portfolio, to understand the hearts and purposes of our clients.

We display our values-driven approach not just in what we say, but in how we serve our clients, our communities, and our fellow team members. By advancing our advice with science and getting the right people in the right positions, we are in constant pursuit of a better client experience.

What education do your advisors have?

All of our Advisors have the CFP designation which means that they have completed extensive training, are committed to act as fiduciaries, and have a minimum of 3 years of industry experience. CFP accredited Advisors are required to receive ongoing education each year in order to maintain their designation. Several of our team members have additional industry degrees, such as the AIF, CPWA, CAP, ChFC, CIMA and CKA. We also have a CFA, JD, and multiple CPAs on our team. Learn more about the professional designations our team members hold.

Who We Serve

Do you only serve clients in Iowa and Nebraska?

While our physical offices are located in West Des Moines, Iowa, and Omaha, Nebraska, we are able to serve clients throughout the United States. We currently serve individuals in 38 states*. We are able to hold meetings via phone or video conference.

*As of 1.1.22

Who is your typical client?

We serve physicians, business owners, and entrepreneurs, as well as other professionals, individuals, and families.

What should I expect during my first meeting with Foster Group?

For your first meeting, our team will go over a series of questions to help us get to know you on a deeper level. We’ll typically discuss your values, goals, key relationships, finances, other advisors, processes and interests. This helps us design a plan that puts your needs and desires first.

How often will we meet?

The frequency of our meetings depends on several factors, including the complexity of your financial plan, the services you want, and your personal preferences. Generally, the frequency of our meetings ranges from 1-6 meetings/year in the first year to 1-4 meetings/year thereafter.

What is your client retention rate?

Our client retention rate in 2021 was 97.5%.