Phil M. Kruzan, Sr., has a strong desire to serve others through a caring, compassionate relationship that seeks to improve the lives of those he works with. Phil has the unique ability to look at the sum of the parts and create a clear picture of a client’s financial position both now and into the future.

Phil earned his B.B.A. in finance from Iowa State University in 1986 and Certified Financial Planner designation in 1993. For the past 32 years, Phil has helped hundreds of families navigate the complexities of their financial lives.


My early career aspirations were to become an architect. I really enjoyed the thought of designing something from the ground up that provided a solution to a family’s housing dreams and desires. I decided to pursue financial planning and wealth management because of the ability to design and create the foundation and structure for a family’s “financial house.”

At home, you might find me reading Forbes, Fortune, Bloomberg Businessweek or trade magazines such as Financial Planning, Investment Advisor or Bloomberg Wealth Manager, but only until the new issue of Bon Appetit, Food Network or Wine Spectator arrives! I enjoy cooking and am always looking for something new to try . . . I rarely make the same thing twice. My cooking endeavors are complemented with a love of wine and listening to music. I enjoy spending time with my wife, Merri, and two sons, Phil and Tyler. We all play tennis, golf and enjoy traveling to new places.

A few of my favorite reads are:

  • “Free to Choose” by Milton Freidman
  • “One Nation” and “A More Perfect Union” by Ben Carson
  • “Popular Economics” by John Tamny
  • “It’s Not As Bad As You Think” by Brian Wesbury
  • “The Road to Prosperity: How to Grow Our Economy & Revive the American Dream” by Patrick Toomey
  • “Beating the Midas Curse” by Perry Cochell & Rodney Zeeb

One of my favorite quotes comes from Lao-Tzu: “Rich is the one who knows when he has enough.” Rich in relationships, work, faith, finances, health, etc.; a statement of quiet confidence and contentment.


B.B.A. Finance, Iowa State University (Ames, Iowa)

Community Involvement

Hope Ministries Volunteer
Meals from the Heartland Volunteer
Habitat for Humanity Volunteer
Agape Pregnancy Center Volunteer
Ruth Harbor Volunteer