You are looking for answers, explanations, ideas, and strategies—in a word: solutions. Solutions that increase the probability of your success. This quest for solutions intensifies as you experience the wide variety of obstacles and ever-increasing complexity that keeps you from realizing your goals.

Foster Group has found that often the best solutions are discovered in the context of a trusted relationship. The financial solutions implemented by our financial advisors are never constrained by traditional portfolio management approaches or limited product choice. Our financial solutions represent an entire approach, a set of strategies that originate in our client relationships and therefore address the interwoven combination of goals, opportunities and preferences present in the unique environment of each client. Solutions that originate in trusted relationships combine expertise and experience in ways that lead to greater clarity of understanding, as well as supplying strategies and a financial plan that raise the probability of success.

All Foster Group clients receive professional investment management and portfolio management from our financial advisors. However, each client circumstance calls for a specific application of strategies, tools, and methods. The range of clients we serve on a daily basis includes:

  • Individuals: From single adults, to multi-generational families, to trustees operating as fiduciaries for the needs of individual beneficiaries, we refer to this area of comprehensive financial management as advanced financial planning.
  • Institutions: The institutions served by Foster Group range from nonprofit foundations and associations to for-profit corporations. Whether reserve funds, cash management, or the corpus of a foundation or endowment, each client receives customized solutions tailored to their unique opportunities and circumstances.
  • Company Retirement Plans: Most companies today are providing specialized retirement savings opportunities for their employees in the forms of defined contribution 401(k) and 401(a) profit-sharing plans, SIMPLE and SEP IRA plans, as well as cash balance and traditional defined-benefit pension plans. Foster Group works alongside companies, plan sponsors and trustees to provide the highest quality investment management, plan design, and participant services.