What would you like to know about us? Here are a handful of questions we hear most often.

Q. What makes Foster Group different from other investment advisors?
A. We can answer that in three phrases: where we’ve been, where we are, and where we’re going. We rose to our current position by focusing on the investment needs of medical professionals. The success we helped these investors achieve has given us the impetus needed to expand our expertise to others. And our financial advisors will continue to offer our unique brand of personal, relational investing counsel for as long as we’re doing business.

Q. What exactly is a “fee-only” pricing structure?
A. This simply means that we charge an annual fee for our services. We don’t sell any products and, therefore, we take no commissions and have no other sources of revenue beyond what we’re paid by our clients.

Q. How would you characterize your approach to investing my money?
A. In a word, smart. We think the idea of measuring your success by whether you “beat the market” is misguided and arbitrary. We’re more interested in solid growth that helps you achieve what’s most important to you while accepting only the risk required to do that.

Q. Why shouldn’t I just invest on my own?
A. Online trading services have made it easy to do your own investing and trading, although these often play into investors’ worst behaviors. If you trust your future to your financial instincts, it’s certainly easy enough to get started this way. But the key word there is “trust.” It takes experience to know what’s likely to improve your probability of success, as well as complete immersion in the world of financial science. That’s where we’ve been for more than 25 years, and it’s part of how we’re careful to help you secure your future.