Joe Bantz, CFP®, AIF®

Recently, I flew to San Francisco for a tour of Coast Guard Island with two of my daughters. We had a fantastic trip, and left with a great appreciation for the significant role the Coast Guard plays in our nation’s defense. But that role is not an easy one – there is much turbulence in the water, the air, and the environment as they daily address hostile drug runners, uncooperative fishermen, careless boaters, and desperate immigrants. How do they execute their mission so effectively, despite the turbulent environment?

The answer is excellent training and disciplined focus; controlling what they can, and keeping their mind on the things that matter. It reminds me of “The Sketch Guy,” Carl Richards, who published a simple diagram of the same idea:

You may have noticed there is some “turbulence in the air” right now in America! There is an abundance of fear, distrust, and anxiety as we transition from one presidential administration to another. This drawing reminds us how the Coast Guard does it – and what we, as investors, need to do as well.

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