Kate Juelfs

For the last 21 years, Foster Group has been a member of a national network of investment advisory firms, all of whom serve clients in a fiduciary capacity.  The consortium, Zero Alpha Group, was founded in 1995 in recognition of their alignment in vision and goals and their collective desire to work collaboratively.  Today, Foster Group continues to be an active member of ZAG in many ways and our involvement has directly benefited our clients.  The principal belief of ZAG, at its outset, was very simple; we know more together than we do alone.

ZAG’s foundation was laid in a collective commitment to the fiduciary standard as well as a shared investment philosophy.  Our commitment to focus on structured investment approaches that are supported with robust academic research laid a strong foundation for the design, and continued refinement, of member firms’ model portfolios.  Our shared investment strategy allows ZAG member firms to share resources and capabilities to ensure our clients are offered cost-effective solutions incorporating the most current academic thinking and research.

Today, there are eight ZAG firms managing in excess of $14 billion dollars of client assets.  This has provided us with collective influence within the industry and enhanced economies of scale.  Translated simply, ZAG has been able to negotiate pricing and rates for our clients’ benefit.  At Foster Group, we have worked collaboratively with other ZAG firms on several projects related to systems and technology that have allowed us to complete projects with time and economic efficiency.

Our partners within ZAG share the common view that our role as financial advisors is not limited to investment portfolios and take a multi-faceted approach to financial planning.  We’re focused on defining plans that helps clients flourish by integrating the larger things in life, including encouragement to discover the joy and impact of living a life of positive influence.

Foster Group employees are active in several ZAG sub-groups (Marketing, Financial Planning, Investments, Human Resources, Leadership) and plan on continuing this involvement in the years to come.  We’ve often encouraged our clients to utilize the knowledge and expertise of their trusted team of professionals and our financial advisors.  We do so knowing the full power of collaboration; real strength and synergy comes from aligning with others who share your visions and goals.  After all, we know more together than we do alone.

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