Our vision at Foster Group is to influence thousands of individuals, families, and organizations with wise financial counsel, while encouraging the pursuit of meaningful living and generous giving.

Recently, my family moved back to Iowa after ten years in Paramount and Long Beach, CA. I’m guessing most of you are familiar with Long Beach, but have never heard of Paramount. I bet, though, you have heard of Paramount’s neighbor city just two miles west of the home we lived in – Compton.

While living in Paramount, one of my roles was to lead a rather diverse group of young adults. We were different ethnically, socioeconomically, and perhaps most significantly, in our life experience. But, while we were most certainly a motley crew, we were united in our desire to figure out how to love both neighbor and enemy, though not necessarily succeeding at either!

One of the things this group did well was care for each other financially. When a material need came up, we’d email the group – about 50 people – and typically have the need met within 24 hours. For me, at least ten years their senior, it was a remarkable thing to watch and be a part of.

When the Haiti earthquake happened, I had this strange sense I was supposed to invite them to give $10,000 for relief efforts. This was far beyond anything they had given before. So, when we gathered that night, I shared what I had sensed and invited them to give. 36 of them were present that night. Very few had what economists would classify as a “good job.” Most certainly weren’t on the road to financial freedom.

And yet, when we counted what I guess would be called an offering, it totaled $14,500.

One of those young adults wrote a check for $6,000 which I’m confident nearly emptied his bank account. When I asked him why he had done this, he simply said, “Because I can.” Prudent? Nope. Responsible? Probably not. Wise? Hmmm… The type of person I want to be more like? Absolutely.

So, let’s raise a glass to this young man and to the possibility that you and I might be more like him – not just someday in the future, but right now. Cheers.

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