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Brad Rempe, CFP®, AIF®

An unforeseen disability due to injury or illness that would prevent you from earning an income is an event that, if left unprotected, can have a catastrophic impact on your financial health.  If you are unable to earn an income, meeting household expenses either in the short- or long-term could force you to liquidate assets set aside for other purposes, such as your retirement or your child’s education savings. The purpose...

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Matt Abels

3 Key Questions When Reviewing Your Disability Insurance: 1. Is my group disability coverage enough? A comprehensive analysis would be needed to say for sure, but often a group disability plan will not provide adequate income replacement in the event of an extended disability.  Key areas to review, aside from the monthly benefit, would be the “own occupation” period, benefit duration, and the definition of disability.  Individual polices tend to have...

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Brittany Heard, RP®


If you are a social media user, you constantly see friends updating their posts, tweets, snaps, and photos. As you see these updates, you may feel obligated to fit in with the social media users by creating these same types of updates. Here is a short list of the yearly “required” postings:

  • “Happy New Year” status and/or your New Year Resolution
  • Pictures of you and your spouse on Valentine’s Day
  • ...

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One of the common questions we hear from clients is about whether they should keep an existing life insurance policy. This is often both a financial and emotional decision because it can be hard to determine if the need still exists, and because it can be hard to let go of something that has given you a sense of security for a long time. Here are some steps to take...

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