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A recent survey by asked investors what they felt would be the best investment for money they would not need for at least another ten years.  Here are the results:

27%   Real Estate

23%   Cash

17%   Stocks

14%   Precious Metals

5%     Bonds

24%   Other/Unsure

Some wildly different opinions, especially at the top, with first and second prize representing opposite ends of the liquidity spectrum.  Wonder if there was an “all of the above” option on the survey?  If not, the survey missed the mark.  As well, everyone’s circumstances and situations are different, and ten-plus years is a fairly large window that can only be successfully navigated with a plan.

Choosing investments outside the context of a financial plan and corresponding life goals is trouble.  Choosing investments because a survey like this hints at where opportunity might rest is real big trouble.  There is no background as to who responded, ages, needs, and what similarities the survey participants have in the answer categories.  “All of the above” would not be a perfect answer, but would be closer than the options given and results indicated.  Stay diversified.

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