Seth Comfort

Buds on the trees, grass is turning green, birds are singing, all around us are signs spring is coming.  With spring comes the start of America’s pastime, baseball!

When I think of baseball, I think of exciting moments like a home run or a grand slam when that batter crushes the ball out of the park.  But when I think about an actual game of baseball, those exciting moments don’t happen that often.  So, then I think, “What wins a baseball game?”  Lots of singles, doubles and advancing runners around the bases.  A team that does that efficiently, will be a winning team.

We take a similar approach to investing; we aren’t swinging for the fences, but aiming for consistent base hits.  Consistently saving money every month, rebalancing when the markets require it, having a diversified portfolio, setting short-term and long-term goals, these actions aren’t “home runs” but they will deliver desirable results.

It’s not the most glamorous strategy to advocate, but we are interested in our clients’ long-term success.  The reason we have a relationship is to provide advice and make recommendations that might otherwise be overlooked.  We want to take the time to help investors understand the benefits of “base hits,” and how that will result in a high probability of success.





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