Brad Rempe, CFP®, AIF®

No matter which media outlet you choose to keep current on events of the day, the overwhelming sentiment that seems to be spread is negativity.  If you’re like me, this can become a little discouraging.  The psychological effects of this constant barrage of bad news is something I wonder about, but off-topic from my point in writing this.  Spoiler alert, the news isn’t all bad.

As financial advisors, we often remind our clients to view the media transparently; understanding newspapers, magazines, and television networks are for-profit enterprises with limited time and space to compete for viewership, and provocative stories and sensationalizing events is what draws people in.  Much like driving past an accident on your way home from work, bad news and fear grabs our attention and can be hard to turn away from.

We remind our clients of this because it is important to realize the effect this negativity can have on us.  While the majority of reporting could easily leave us feeling negative, the implications of that line of thinking can be detrimental to our behavior and decision-making.  As an investor, having reports of optimism and hope to balance the challenges the world faces not only help tell the whole story, but it’s also pretty helpful to our mental health and thought process.  Therefore, when I come across reading material I find encouraging, I think it’s worth sharing.  This brings me to my point in all of this, an article I recently read, authored by Jim Parker of Dimensional Fund Advisors.  I found it rather cheerful – I hope you do as well.

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