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A year ago I blogged about one of my sports passions, the Kansas City Royals (  Hindsight being 20/20, I should have finished the blog with “to be continued…”  As complimentary as I was toward the vision of the organization and the discipline to stick to their plan, I failed to voice my optimism for the yet-to-come 2015 season as I finished the article.  Now World Series champions, my tears of pain from losing in game seven last year have now been converted to drops of joy, with a dominating performance against the New York Mets to take the crown.  Witnessing nearly 800,000 people come together in Kansas City two days later to celebrate the team’s accomplishment was surreal.  Funny to see how much sports can mean to people.  How they can rally a community, even a nation.  Their story is well-documented.  My blog written 12 months ago articulates the overcoming of odds by a small-market team that had to rely more on its perseverance and pursuit of excellence than its pocketbook.  They defied the odds.  They won when they weren’t supposed to, time and time again.  Outside New York, they became America’s team because they never gave up.  They stayed the course.  They stuck to their plan.  They remained disciplined and focused on the long-term goal, not cutting corners that might sabotage their dreams.  We can, again, learn a lot from this team.  Financial independence, retirement goals, and life-long successes are not accomplished without first mapping out a plan, remaining disciplined throughout the pursuit, and working hard.  Short-cuts too often end up as dead-ends.  Have a plan.  Trust your plan.  Go Royals.  Stay diversified.  To be continued…

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