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The evening of September 27th was spectacular. For the first time in 33 years a “supermoon” would align with a lunar eclipse, causing a beautiful “blood moon”. The sky was clear, the night was brisk, and the view gorgeous.

As my family gazed with wonder and admiration at the brilliant red moon, marveling at its beauty, my youngest daughter received a snapchat from another daughter, who is a student in Argentina. The picture she sent was clearly the same object … yet from a different perspective. I responded with a text to my oldest daughter, who is spending the semester in London, and she provided yet another perspective! Besides the obvious “this is so weird to be a three-continent family” thought, it also reminded me of the role I get to play in the lives of my clients.

Does your advisor look at just your investments … or insurance … or taxes … or estate plan? At Foster Group, we take the time to understand your financial plan, integrating the various parts to help you move consistently and steadily toward accomplishing all that’s important to you. As a fiduciary, we help you avoid making financial mistakes that can knock you off the path to your goals. By looking at questions from a variety of perspectives we can help you understand how a decision about investments or life insurance can impact your taxes. We can help you better understand your charitable giving, leveraging tax laws to get more funds to the organizations and causes you believe in. We can help you better understand that “fair” is not necessarily “equal” in your estate planning, or identify when “enough is enough” so you can give away more and more of your income or assets.

Like the supermoon eclipse, which won’t happen again until 2020, such fiduciary counsel is rare. Yet, at Foster Group, it’s what we do every day.

Don’t worry. Call your advisor.

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