Our graphs reviewing the monthly performance of various asset classes expands greatly this month to include not only benchmark indices but also representative mutual funds used by Foster Group in the execution of our portfolio allocation strategy.

Each asset class graph will show data for the previous month, calendar year to previous month end, three-, five- and ten-year rates of return for a representative benchmark index as well as funds currently used by Foster Group to represent that asset class in our clients’ managed portfolios.

In addition to these individual asset class graphs, the Asset Class Performance Ranking graph provides a historical view of how these asset classes have compared to each other during each calendar year since 1999. The graph rank-orders the asset classes (as represented by the indices used in the individual asset class charts) from highest to lowest rate of return, in US dollar terms, for the calendar year indicated. This chart gives a visual representation of the apparent randomness or unpredictability of relative asset class performance from year to year. The column of returns on the far right will show the order of asset class returns for the current calendar year through the previous month-end (e.g. January 1, 2015 through February 28, 2015).

We hope you’ll find these new and improved graphs helpful and informative. If you have any comments or questions, please let us know via email at


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