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Filling your car with gas hasn’t been this much fun in quite some time.  Even if it requires standing in below-zero temps, just seeing a full tank equate to half its cost a mere 12 months ago is a euphoric feeling of new-found wealth.  But is this a good thing in the long-term?  Many pundits theorize low oil prices will negatively impact our economy, and their voices are loudest on days when markets tumble.  The theory goes that lower oil prices suppress profits of energy companies, kill jobs, negatively impact the economies of oil-producing countries, all of which will hurt the global economy down the road.  Other analysts shout that lower oil prices are, instead, a tremendous boon to the economy, taking the opposite side of these talking points.  They suggest lower oil prices enhance profits of travel, tourism and transport companies, add jobs, and positively impact economies through leaving consumers with more discretionary income.  In the end, both sides are right, and changing your portfolio in reaction to which side you believe is dangerous.  The market is forward-looking and has already incorporated all available information.  Anything beyond this is guessing.   Don’t do it.  Stay diversified.



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