Tim Mabee

Heartbleed Bug

Password security is a huge concern to many, especially after the national Target security breech and now the newest website security issue, the Heartbleed Bug.  This concern was identified last week and has to do with the website security mechanism called OpenSSL.  OpenSSL was designed to prevent hackers from retrieving personaldata submitted by users to a particular website.

Foster Group wants our clients to know we were not affected by this bug.  We have confirmed that Schwab websites are also secure and have stated there is no need to change your unique login credentials and passwords on  Vanguard, Fidelity, and TD Ameritrade have confirmed their sites are okay as well.

A list of websites that are prone to the OpenSSl vulnerability can be located at inferese.comA couple things you can do if you feel your personal accounts may have been affected by the bug are: 1) change passwords at those specific sites after confirming the site has been patched; 2) email websites important to you and inquire about the Heartbleed bug; or, 3) sit and wait.  Web providers are providing constant communication on this issue and should alert you if there is anything that needs to be done. 

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