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Riverfront, Midtown, Blackstone, North Omaha, Aksarben, West Maple, West Farm, West Dodge near 192nd, growth is everywhere, and that’s only a fraction of the development around town. There is much to be proud of and excited about here in our community. That same growth and excitement can be found even further to the west of us on the gridiron. The mindset of Husker-nation has taken an up tick in confidence since the hiring of Coach Scott Frost. His job has been, and is, to bring back the winning ways of the Big Red and rejuvenate pride in a downtrodden fan base. There is no doubt his success will not come without some growing pains.

Program resurrections are not accomplished overnight. Sustainable success is done with a long-term focus. Hiring the best assistant coaches, recruiting top-level talent that fit the culture, building goodwill within the college football landscape, and doing all this with objective discipline is critical. Having a vision and plan in pursuit of goals requires deference to successful precedent, not the discovery of some magic formula.

Coach Frost, in a way, embodies the traits of a financial advisor. He understands the fans. He understands what this football program means to this state. He empathizes with the fans’ hope for a national championship. He has a plan that does not take shortcuts but relies on evidence-based approaches to successful football outcomes. His job is to make decisions in the best interests of his team and university.

Coach Frost is a fiduciary to the Husker program, just as your financial advisor ought to be to you. Fans trust Coach Frost to do whatever is best for Husker football’s long-term success. Likewise, investors should trust their financial advisor to do whatever is in the very best interest of their plan and portfolio, with no shortcuts. Their advisor should play quarterback for their financial team while not trying to dictate every decision within their wealth plan or sell them a bill of goods.

Transparency, open communication, and discipline are hallmarks of winning football programs, just as they are with the successful engagement of a financial advisor. Growth is everywhere. Make sure it’s also found in your financial confidence and portfolio. Stay diversified.

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