“Two years ago, Foster Group had the unusual privilege of helping some clients create and deliver generous and anonymous scholarships to deserving students. The clients had identified two students who were highly qualified to attend excellent universities, but had family circumstances that would have made it very difficult for them to attend without taking on burdensome student loan debt.

Because of the clients’ desire to remain anonymous, Foster Group was involved in helping draft letters informing the students of the scholarship award and asking them to come to our office for a meeting with them and their parents. After convincing the families that this was a real scholarship (it seemed too good to be true!), they came to the Foster Group office and we described the award – funding for four years of undergraduate tuition, room and board, as long as the student was full-time and reporting progress towards a degree. Both meetings were very moving and joyful to be a part of, as were the later conversations with the anonymous donors, describing the reactions of the families.

Over the last two years, we have greatly enjoyed hearing from, and working with, the students as they’ve excelled in school and conveyed such gratitude for the opportunity they are being given. It’s a favorite story of how personalized generosity has such a positive impact on the giver, the beneficiary and all of us involved in helping it happen.”

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