Joe Bantz, CFP®, AIF®

Devotion to Duty

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The United States Coast Guard is a branch of the military that is often overlooked by us Iowans. This is understandable, given our significant lack of coastline that requires guarding! But recently, I spent time on campus of the Coast Guard Academy, and discovered the rich heritage of this proud military force.

Founded in 1790 by Alexander Hamilton and created by legislation signed by George Washington, the Revenue Cutter Service was originally created to enforce tariff laws for the young country. Over time, this has evolved into the full mission of the today’s Coast Guard, including enforcement of fishing, immigration, and drug-running laws.

The Coast Guard is immensely proud of their commitment to providing protection and security for the United States. In fact, their core values, repeated constantly by my daughter and her fellow platoon members, are “Honor. Respect. Devotion to Duty.”

Honor. Respect. Devotion to Duty.

Good words to live by – for all of us. But I think of this professionally; as a fiduciary, I am to serve my clients with honor, respect, & devotion to duty.  At Foster Group, we believe that is the best way for us to ensure that our clients have a high probability of success, so it encompasses all we do. We put your interests first. Every time.

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