Monthly Archives: August 2018

Marcus Iwig

Executives have an array of benefits that can be very effective in meeting their financial goals. One of those benefits is deferred compensation plans or, more technically, Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Plans. These plans typically are offered as an executive benefit to highly compensated individuals because 401(k) plans don’t allow highly compensated individuals to save as large a percentage of their incomes as most other employees. Each plan is different, so it’s important...

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Brad Rempe, CFP®, AIF®

A few weeks ago, my wife, Annie, and I were having lunch with our 13-year-old son, Joe. Because he’s often curious about what I do at work, I decided to ask a question: Do you understand the difference between stocks and bonds? He had an answer which was generally correct but not entirely complete. So, I asked him to pretend he had started a company that manufactures video games. His company...

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Brittany Heard, RP®

Joan of Arc, Sacajawea, Marie Curie, Eleanor Roosevelt, Rosa Parks, Princess Diana, Mother Teresa, Oprah, and many other women have influenced history greatly, because of things they accomplished and who they were. When I see these names, I feel discouraged, because I don’t see myself doing anything extraordinary like these women. I recently listened to a podcast that interviewed a woman named Dr. Kristy Archuleta, who went to college to become...

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