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Phil Goldsmith Headshot

By Phil Goldsmith of LWBJ

Employees separating from service with their employer may realize a tax benefit if they hold employer stock or securities within their company 401(k) plan. A little-known rule within the tax code allows the Net Unrealized Appreciation (NUA) within the employer stock to be distributed without being subject to immediate taxation. The rule allows an individual to convert what would otherwise be ordinary income upon...

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When people come to Foster Group, it’s typically for one of the following reasons:

  • They’re looking for better investment management.
  • They want expert financial advice.
  • Their situation has become more complex and requires a coordinated approach with other professionals.
The biggest area of coordination is estate planning. Estate Planning is complex legally, financially, AND relationally. The estate planning process provides clarity on WHAT will be received, WHEN it will be received,...

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Jordan Richardson

Let’s start by acknowledging reality. I belong to the millennial generation and I’ll be the first to tell you we have a few flaws. We’re known for our short attention spans and our propensity to quit our jobs or run off to a new place to “find ourselves” at the drop of a hat. We tend to get our news through social media and find ourselves stuck behind our phones...

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Blake Martin Headshot

By Blake Martin of FranNet

We’re going to take a closer look at how much the business of franchising affects the overall U.S. economy. What are its impact and implications? This will be a statistic-heavy exercise, so buckle up for some interesting assessments on the impact of franchising in our country today. In the quest to find the most recent and reliable study on the subject, we will...

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Marcus Iwig

In many cases, business owners don’t develop an exit strategy until it is too late.  Most of the time, the extent of the existing exit strategy is hoping someone will walk in the front door with a big check or just having faith it will take care of itself. For those owners that want a little more strategy than that, we look at the following to help determine which alternatives might...

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