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I love watching Antiques Roadshow. I think a complete amateur happening upon a piece of art for $5 at a yard sale only to find out it’s worth $50,000 is, well, fun. You can CLICK HERE to watch one of the most unbelievable moments in the history of the show. Before entering this industry, I envisioned financial markets as a kind-of giant yard sale. You’d wander around stacks of securities,...

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Rebecca Moore Headshot

By Rebecca A. Moore of Nyemaster Goode

One of the most important considerations in an estate plan is who will take care of your children if something happens to you and your spouse.  If you fail to designate a guardian, the court will be forced to choose one for you.  As you can imagine, this can result in unnecessary family conflict and financial expense.  You can avoid this...

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Brad Rempe, CFP®, AIF®

An unforeseen disability due to injury or illness that would prevent you from earning an income is an event that, if left unprotected, can have a catastrophic impact on your financial health.  If you are unable to earn an income, meeting household expenses either in the short- or long-term could force you to liquidate assets set aside for other purposes, such as your retirement or your child’s education savings. The purpose...

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