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Jon Evans, CFP®, AIF®

Over spring break this year, my family took a trip to Disney’s Magic Kingdom.  It was truly magical, especially for our three young kids!  We saw characters and princesses, rode incredible rides, and experienced amazing performances and parades.  But, the most awe-inspiring element of the entire park was Cinderella’s castle.  As you walk toward the castle, you can’t help but be moved by the size of it.  It’s a beautiful, perfectly...

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By Bruce W. Baker of Nyemaster Goode

A. The Federal Government’s Share Current federal tax law imposes an estate tax on the value of taxable estates exceeding $5,490,000.  In computing the taxable estate, federal law allows an unlimited marital deduction for qualified transfers to a spouse, as well as an unlimited deduction for bequests to qualified charitable organizations.  After allowing deductions for these items and expenses associated with administration...

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