Monthly Archives: September 2016

Andrew Farmer


I will never forget the purchase of our first home. The year was 2006, my wife and I were recently married and we began to look at purchasing a home for us and our soon-to-be additional family members!  We found a home in Ankeny we liked and, the next thing you know, we had ourselves a house.  I distinctly remember the interest rate on that home back in 2006 was...

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Preparing Our Children for Their Financial Futures

By: Eryka Morehead, President & CEO, Collaborative Planning Group


For many parents, teaching our children financial responsibility can be a very tough task.  We can all agree, it’s important.  As a mother of four, and through my years of experience working with clients, understanding its importance has never been the issue.  It’s how...

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Kate Juelfs

For the last 21 years, Foster Group has been a member of a national network of investment advisory firms, all of whom serve clients in a fiduciary capacity.  The consortium, Zero Alpha Group, was founded in 1995 in recognition of their alignment in vision and goals and their collective desire to work collaboratively.  Today, Foster Group continues to be an active member of ZAG in many ways and our...

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Interest rates have been at historic lows for a number of years now and it often leads physicians to ask what they should do with their surplus cash-flow to create the most wealth. Should you accelerate the payoff of student loans and mortgage debt or should you invest the surplus because borrowed dollars are so cheap that, in some cases, the return on the invested dollars could be higher than...

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Jon Evans, CFP®, AIF®

We are on the cusp of my favorite time of year - football season.  I have loved the game of football since I can remember.  The strategy behind different schemes and formations, the physical challenge, and the deep level of trust among teammates developed throughout a season.  Ultimately, football is a team sport.  Successful teams work together like a well-oiled machine and understand the importance of each position. One of the...

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