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Lead Advisor Jon Evans Asks, lead Advisor Phil Kruzan Answers

1. We have been hearing a lot about the term “fiduciary” in the news media recently, can you shed some light on why this is an issue? In our industry, I think we have done a really good job of confusing the public by using sophisticated terms, words, and phrases about financial products and financial instruments. There are two distinct...

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Joe Bantz, CFP®, AIF®

As a financial advisor, I talk about money all day long…and it doesn’t stop when I get home! Since our girls were young, my wife and I have been intentional about teaching and training them on making financial decisions. What we discovered over the years are two significant truths:

  • The best way to learn to handle money is have your own money to handle.
  • The best way to learn to...

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Here’s why we care about a fiduciary standard and why all investors should as well. When receiving financial advice would you rather have a financial advisor guide you in way that is always in your best interest or something less? The Department of Labor recently published a rule requiring financial professionals and companies who provide investment services to retirement plans to operate according to a fiduciary, or, in common language, a...

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