Monthly Archives: May 2016

Joe Bantz, CFP®, AIF®

Blind Spots

I am currently teaching my two youngest daughters how to drive. So, yes, if you see me, I may have a few more gray hairs than before! Though my older two daughters have graduated and are fine drivers, it’s an understatement to declare that, “every child is different!” One of the hard things to learn in driving is how to “see” one’s blind spots. Learning to use one’s mirrors, leaning forward...

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Katie Lauer, RP®

If you’re reading this blog, you probably value financial planning. You may have even consulted a financial planner at Foster Group for advice to help protect your wellbeing, your children’s, and possibly your grandchildren’s.  But when you’re gone, and the financial plan you’ve worked diligently to establish and uphold has run its course, will your heirs know how to continue in the way you paved for them? Do you know what...

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Scott J. Snyder, JD, CFP®, CFA, CIMA®

We recently held an event where we discussed planning for healthcare costs in retirement.  In a survey conducted by Nationwide Retirement Worldwide, 62% of pre-retirees responded that they were “terrified” of what healthcare costs might do to their retirement assets.  The point of our conversations at the event, and day-to-day with clients, is how to better manage the risks involved and, maybe even more importantly, to help reduce the anxiety...

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Kent Kramer

Investors, like gamblers, have always been faced with the question, “What potential loss are you willing to endure in pursuit of longer-term gain?” Unlike gamblers, who, as a group, have a long-term history of losing to the house, stock market investors, as a group, have a long-term history of positive total returns. 2016 started out with stock market declines around the globe. There are many explanations being offered, including these:

  1. Collapsing...

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