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More investment “experts” than not will boldly make predictions for 2016.  The subsequent danger is that many investors will make critical decisions based on these crystal ball readings.  Some may be right.  Most will probably be wrong.  The attached article, published by Dimensional Fund Advisors, offers up ten predictions that you can count on…and we actually agree.  Enjoy the quick read below and strategize your 2016 investing approach accordingly, all...

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“Two years ago, Foster Group had the unusual privilege of helping some clients create and deliver generous and anonymous scholarships to deserving students. The clients had identified two students who were highly qualified to attend excellent universities, but had family circumstances that would have made it very difficult for them to attend without taking on burdensome student loan debt. Because of the clients’ desire to remain anonymous, Foster Group was involved...

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While not very exciting, one important assessment we make on our clients’ financial situation is whether they are adequately insured.  The consequences of being underinsured can be catastrophic and, because of this, reviewing coverage on all your policies is one of the checklist items on our internal ‘standard of care’ document.  While we do not sell insurance or claim to be on the leading edge of changes in this arena...

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For global stock market investors, the news from December of 2015 and the first week of 2016 has been marked by negative returns. In December, global stock markets virtually all weakened to make 2015 a marginally negative year for the majority of investors, capping off another year of historically low interest rates and sluggish economic numbers globally.

As even the most successful investors realize, negative stock market returns are...

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Foster Group's Top Ten Blogs From 2015

As we reflect back on a fantastic 2015, we want to highlight the top ten blog posts from the past year. Enjoy these various posts written by our advisory team.

1. No Holding Back

By: Ross Polking Well, if you get tired of hearing us talk about timeless financial planning disciplines (aka avoiding pitfalls), then enjoy and embrace this quick read from...

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