Monthly Archives: October 2015

Reed Rinderknecht, CFP®

If anyone tells you they know where the market is headed, you know to run the other way as fast as you can.  If anyone would have told you they predicted that the Iowa Hawkeyes would be 7-0 to start the season, you also would have laughed and found a way to escape.  Well, the Hawkeyes ARE running wild on their opponents right now and the markets are having another...

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Marcus Iwig

Want to leave a legacy gift and get a pretty significant tax benefit?  If so, you should check out the Endow Iowa program.  This is how it works:

  1. The donor either makes a gift to an Endow Iowa Agency Fund or to their own Endow Iowa Donor Advised Fund.  An agency fund is just a pre-existing fund specific to one Iowa-based charity.  The donor advised fund is not tied to...

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Ross Polking Thumbnail Photo

Many Americans continue to worry about the health of our economy.  Market volatility does nothing to soothe concerns.  Jobs and GDP reports come with mixed messages.  Things must be better elsewhere, right?  Everything is relative.  Foreign investors held $6.2 trillion of U.S. government debt at the close of June, an all-time high.  That same group also holds 20% of U.S. stocks and 35% of outstanding U.S. corporate debt (up from...

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Jon Evans

Human beings have an astounding facility for self-deception when it comes to our own money. We tend to rationalize our own fears. So, instead of just recognizing how we feel and reflecting on the thoughts that creates, we cut out the middle man and construct the façade of a logical-sounding argument over a vague feeling. These arguments are often elaborate, short-term excuses that we use to justify behavior that runs counter to our...

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Brad Rempe, CFP®, AIF®

Back in June, Seth wrote a blog noting Dimensional’s receipt of the top Stewardship Grade from Morningstar.  I’m giving Seth’s piece a little spike here…and if you haven’t yet read the written rating on Dimensional, I would recommend it (you can do so by clicking here).  It is a good overview into what makes DFA different.  Their tie to the academic community and resulting intelligent design and execution of...

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