Monthly Archives: July 2014

Matt Abels

World Cup Fever

Like a lot of people growing up in rural Iowa, I did not play soccer nor do I know much about it.  Given my lack of soccer knowledge, I was surprised at how excited I was watching the U.S. soccer team work their way through the group stage of the World Cup and into the “Round of 16” - terminology I did not know a month ago. I watched some of every...

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Ross Polking Thumbnail Photo

There is an inverse relationship between fund expenses and returns.  In short, costs matter. Nobel Laureate Dr. William Sharpe points to this in his landmark article, “The Arithmetic of Active Management,” in which he asserts simply:

“If active and passive management styles are defined in sensible ways, it must be the case that (1) before costs, the return on the average actively managed dollar will equal the...

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Has anyone ever asked you, “Hey, what do you think of Crossfit?”   Crossfit is a popular fitness program that involves many types of exercises, including a form of powerlifting.  In a recent conversation I had with a friend, they commented that Chiropractors love Crossfit because it provides them with so much business!  Very similar to Orthopaedics loving 40 plus year olds that still play competitive basketball!  The challenge is that...

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