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Joe Bantz, CFP®, AIF®

Why Generosity?

At Foster Group, we love talking with our clients about charitable giving, gifting to kids or grandkids, or anything else related to generosity. Some find that unusual for a financial advisor – but we understand it’s really an important part of any successful financial plan. Recently, Carl Richards shared some thoughts about a succinct post from author Seth Godin that I thought was great! We want to help our clients have...

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What's your measurement? “Our worries – when it comes to money – are about psychology as much as economics, the soul as much as the bank balance.” John Armstrong, How to Worry Less About Money 2012 and 2013 were such good years for US stock investors that some of us can begin to forget what large losses feel like. In recent conversations with physician investors, especially younger ones, I've been posing the question, “How...

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Tim Mabee

Heartbleed Bug

Password security is a huge concern to many, especially after the national Target security breech and now the newest website security issue, the Heartbleed Bug.  This concern was identified last week and has to do with the website security mechanism called OpenSSL.  OpenSSL was designed to prevent hackers from retrieving personaldata submitted by users to a particular website. Foster Group wants...

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American consumer confidence hit a six-year high in March, according to data recently released by the Conference Board, providing promise that the first-quarter economic stagnation may have been mostly weather-induced, after all. Following three-plus months of mostly uninspiring domestic returns, the Conference Board index showed that consumer attitudes rose a full four points - from a rating of 78.3 in February to 82.3 - for the final...

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